GALILEE in flower


From the first rains in October until the summer season in May, Galilee is an array of infinte blossoms of every imaginable color.

Everything blooms with the first rains from October to May. After a long period of aridity, so much is expected for the first fruits of water, that the mind almost dreams of the sound of the rain that enters the cracks of the earth, already tired of the absence of water, it almost seems that the earth is screaming at the heaven “Quench me!” and behold, the mountains are no longer yellow but green, the earth is no longer arid but luxuriant.

All of a sudden, this expectation subsides and fills the soul of man with gratitude to God for the freshness and beauty of the re-flowered landscape granted to the eye of man. The variety of colors and the abundance of flowers, fully fills the dryness experienced previously, everything in the soul is balanced and finds peace. This is living the flowered Galilee.

And how best to describe all this if not through a few verses from the Bible:

“You visit the earth and water it,
make it abundantly fertile.
God’s stream is filled with water;
you supply their grain.
Thus do you prepare it:
you drench its plowed furrows,
and level its ridges.
With showers you keep it soft,
blessing its young sprouts.
You adorn the year with your bounty;
your paths drip with fruitful rain.
The meadows of the wilderness also drip;
the hills are robed with joy.
The pastures are clothed with flocks,
the valleys blanketed with grain;
they cheer and sing for joy.”

Ps 65, 10-14