and the lake


The city takes its name from the emperor Tiberius, when in the year 20, Herod Antipas decided to build it in his honor. The great immigration of Jews to this city occurred with their expulsion from Jerusalem in 135: together with Sefforis, Tiberias became one of the major centers of Jewish culture. Today Tiberias has about 40,000 inhabitants. Located on the west side of the lake makes it a favorite holiday destination for Israelis. Tiberias is one of the lowest cities on earth: it is located 200 meters below the sea level.

lake tiberias

The Lake Tiberias or Sea of Galilee, (Hebrew: כִּנֶּרֶת, Kinneret), also called in the sacred texts Lake of Genesaret and Chinneret, sometimes Sea of Galilee, is the largest freshwater lake in the State of Israel with a circumference of about 53 km. Located 213m below sea level, it has a maximum depth of 43m. The lake of Tiberias is known above all for having been, as indicated by the Gospels, the main seat of the preaching of Jesus. They narrate that Jesus visited many places on the shores of the lake several times, often crossing it by boat.