John the Baptist

Who we are

Koinonia John the Baptist is a community at the service of the New Evangelization established as a private association of the faithful, belonging to the Catholic Church and canonically approved, it has several thousand members including families, consecrated men and women and priests. It was founded in 1979 from the initiative of a Catholic priest Ricardo Argañaraz who, together with a small nucleus, responding to the call of the Lord Jesus to leave everything to follow him, went up to a small mountain town in the Vicentino (Italy), called Camparmò. There they began a consecrated life dedicated to prayer, work and study. In the solitude of the beginnings, a strong experience of prayer, of listening to the Word of God, of brotherly love and of the provident hand of the Father who took care of them in every detail of their life, took root in them.
Over the years, Koinonia John the Baptist has spread from Camparmò throughout Europe and in various countries of the world such as South Africa, Mexico, the United States and India.
Koinonia is made up of several communities of life and alliance, scattered over the various continents, united in a single structure called the Federation of Koinonia John the Baptist. Each individual Koinonia is constituted as a center of evangelization and life, where members periodically gather to grow in the life of faith and in formation for evangelization.
The name Koinonia John the Baptist indicates the guiding lines of the community, its being and its doing: a people of friends called to evangelize in the power of the Holy Spirit following the example of John the Baptist who testified and pointed out Jesus.

Where we are

Since 1979 the Koinonia John the Baptist has spread in numerous countries.
If you want to visit us or contact us, we list below the links of all our realities:

Koinonia in Italy
Koinonia in Czech Republic
Koinonia in Poland
Koinonia in Slovakia – Vyšný Klátov
Koinonia in Slovakia – Sklené
Koinonia in Slovakia – Prešov
Koinonia in Germany
Koinonia in Spain
Koinonia in United Kingdom
Koinonia in Switzerland
Koinonia in the USA – Los Angeles
Koinonia in the USA – New York
Koinonia in Mexico
Koinonia in South Africa
Koinonia in India
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